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IMAELS' services are performed with modern machinery wich allows maximum production profitability. Thus our products are developed with maximum precision and in record time guaranteeing quality, efficiency and time delivery.


In the faucets process, IMAEAL uses CNC lathes that allow the versatility of shape and finishing of the parts, allowing not only the confection of them, but also different types of finish and shapes.

Faucet making is a mechanical operation that consists of modeling a variety of bodies of revolution, making it possible to produce cylindrical, cone, spherical shapes, etc. For this purpose, we use precision CNC machines that model the worked surface.

This process allows us to produce different types of parts, regardless of the complexity.


In the stamping service, IMAEAL processes the manufacture of parts with cut or deformation through pressing.

This process allows the series production of parts of different types of materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other metals.

In addition, it promotes great profitability benefits, such as high production, cost reduction and the guarantee of good and uniform finishes.


The various processes, as well as the versatility of materials with which IMAEAL works, promote a comprehensive and efficient production, which allows us to satisfy the needs of various types of consumer.

In this way, our production is carried out with the utmost rigor and quality control, ensuring that the parts produced are of excellent quality, from the moment of handling the raw material, until the moment of delivery.

The IMAEAL product range stands out for its versatility, covering not only accessories for electricity equipment, but also metal components, components for home appliances, cutlery, stainless steel parts, accessories for lawn mowers, accessories for gas and gas equipment. for burning material.

All of them are prepared with the utmost thoroughness and precision, thus guaranteeing satisfied customers and confident in IMAEAL's know-how.

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