About Us

In an expansion phase, IMAEAL seeks to develop its services and products based on innovative concepts, using modern machinery and a highly qualified team.

Thus, IMAEAL promotes a wide range of metallurgical services, working for a comprehensive market, both nationally and internationally. In this way, it aims at successive growth and positioning in the market.


IMAEAL carries out its functions based on values ​​such as honesty, honesty and transparency. Based on these concepts, it aims for the future to increase production and expand its business, as well as the following objectives:

  • Positioning and recognition in the face of competition
  • Strengthening and training the team
  • Expansion of facilities
  • Investment in modern machinery

What we do

IMAEAL provides services in the area of ​​metallurgy, metallomechanics and machining, with its public being companies producing electrical and metallomechanical equipments.

  • Home appliance and electrical equipment producers
  • Car manufacturers
  • Cutlery producers
  • Burning material producers (torches, taps)
  • Producers of lawnmowers and gas equipment (water heaters, stoves)


IMAEAL dedicates its efforts and commits its vast years of experience towards a promising future, which is based on the sustained growth of the business and the strong expansion of its services.

Nowadays, with already established bases and a name of recognition in the market, IMAEAL intends, for the future, to energize the company and guarantee the increase of production, stimulating its positioning in this market sector, expanding its facilities, obtaining greater capacity response through better prepared human capital, investing in more sophisticated and modern machinery and, thus, sailing towards a primary purpose, standing out strongly from the competition.


IMAEAL was born as a way to overcome the difficulties of yesteryear, which went through not only the limited market coverage and, thus, limited supply, but also the lack of jobs and poor conditions that plagued Portugal in the 70s and early 80s.

It was 1977, when two former employees of another company in the sector decided to create their own business, taking advantage of the lessons and experience previously acquired.

The following years proved to be prosperous, revealing a period of expansion and dynamism, which resulted in the expansion of facilities, reinforcement of the team and investment in sophisticated machinery.

Currently, the IMAEAL partnership is divided into three partners who, together, and with the valuable help of their employees, continue to make efforts in search of the expansion of the brand at a technological, technical and human level.

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