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Born out of ambition and love for metallurgical art, IMAEAL was created in 1977 by two co-workers who invited six more to form a team. Nowadays, its administration is made up of three partners.





IMAEAL offers a wide range of services, allowing to provide products adapted to the needs of all our customers.
For such, we use qualified labor and sophisticated machinery, supported by the many years of experience of our employees.

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At IMAEAL, all products are developed using high quality raw materials and with the vast years of know-how of our employees.
Get a chance to know our products.

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Metalworking company in Braga? Get to know IMAEAL!

Metalworking company in the municipality of Braga – Born out of ambition and love for metallurgical art, it was created in 1977. Nowadays, the administration of this company metalworking is shared by three partners. Together, and with the extraordinary help of its employees, they contribute to its expansion, in an innovative and dynamic course. This
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Metalomechanics – discover the history!

Since the Paleolithic era, man has innovated the area of ​​metallomechanics, giving rise to inventions that, from century to century, have revolutionized our existence. Metallomechanics has existed since the beginning, and is constantly evolving from age to age. Since ancient times, namely since prehistory, man has used and developed tools to assist his daily tasks.
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IMAEAL welcomes you to the new website!

We are facing a world in constant evolution that, day after day, puts us to the test and presents us with new ways of communicating … As such, IMAEAL, allying itself with this trend, is proud to present you the new website. Meet the!   Keeping up with the trends of modern times, IMAEAL is

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